To those of us in Australia, Christopher Schwarz is best known for this role as the editor of ‘Popular Woodworking’. In the US, however he is one of the best authorities on traditional woodworking tools and is arguably the most recognizable face of traditional woodworking.

During his time in Australia Christopher will be teaching 3 exclusive classes at the Melbourne Guild of Fine Wood Working.

2013 Master Class Series

Date Class
12th - 16th March The Anarchist’s Tool Chest Register for this class
18th - 22nd March Hammer in Hand. Dovetailed School Box Join Waiting List
23rd and 24th March Hand Tool Event Free
25th - 26th March Shaker Wall Cabinet Register for this class
28th March Seminar Register for this event

Build an 18th-century Tool Chest

Presented by Christopher Schwarz

Aside from a workbench, a sturdy tool chest is one of the most important things to have in your shop. It organizes and protects your tools from damage, rust and loss. While many woodworkers have attempted to improve upon the traditional chest design that emerged 300 years ago, the old form has remained the absolute best way to keep the most amount of tools in the smallest space.

In this five-day class you will build the shell of your own traditional tool chest using hand tools and techniques. This is an excellent first project for a new hand-tool woodworker. Skills you will learn in this class include:
• Truing up panels using bench planes

• Traditional through-dovetail joinery

• Cutting basic mouldings by hand

By the end of class you will have all the skills you need to complete the interior of the chest at your workshop at home, whether you want to make just a few sliding tills or even a full-blown interior cabinet with dovetailed drawers.

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Hammer in Hand

Presented by Christopher Schwarz

Chris takes participants to “a joiner’s shop in 1839 England” as they learn to build a dovetailed schoolbox using only their muscles, their minds, and finely tuned hand tools. With thorough instruction and one-on-one guidance from Chris, students learn to process stock with handsaws and bench planes; to cut through-dovetails, dados, miters, hinge mortises and basic moldings with marking tools, chisels, planes, and saws; and to properly choose, drive, and set nails. The right nail in the right place is a revelation!
In building their projects, students construct jigs that make handwork easier: a bench hook, a shooting board, and a 17th-century double-screw vise that simplifies dovetailing. Chris shares forgotten or lost ways of working that make modern handwork more accurate and enjoyable. Participants can expect these skills to make them more efficient and detail-oriented, whether or not they plan to keep their woodworking machines afterwards. (And Chris certainly plans to keep his!)

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Shaker Wall Cabinet

Presented by Christopher Schwarz

This crash course in handwork will give you all the basic skills you need to get started in
hand-tool woodworking. This is a great opportunity to try an extensive number of tools and operations.
You’ll learn to sharpen and set up your chisels and hand planes, plus you’ll learn how to saw
with enormous precision – the first step to becoming a world-class dovetailer. As you explore these
tools, you’ll build a reproduction of an 1830 Shaker wall cupboard from the New Lebanon community.
By the end of this weekend, you’ll see how a small complement of hand tools can make you a better
woodworker by reducing the amount of sanding you do, allowing you to adjust your work pieces in astonishing
.001” increments and eliminating many unsafe power-tool operations (especially with small
This class is ideal for beginning and intermediate woodworkers, or any beginning woodworker who
wishes to explore woodworking with hand tools alone.

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Presented by Christopher Schwarz

Seminar by Christopher Schwarz - Refer to Homepage.

Hand Tool Event

Presented by Melbourne Guild of Fine Woodworking

Hand Tool Event - Refer to Homepage

About the Instructor

Christopher Schwarz is a long-time woodworker and writer who has spent the last 15 years encouraging woodworkers to embrace more handwork in their shops. He built his first workbench when he was 11 and was introduced to handwork when his family built its first house on an Arkansas farm without electricity.

After formal training as a journalist at Northwestern University, Chris worked as a newspaperman by day and studied woodworking at night at the University of Kentucky. In 1996, he was hired as managing editor of Popular Woodworking, where he helped resuscitate the magazine and introduced more handwork into its pages. He eventually became editor and began writing books and teaching woodworking classes.

In 2007 he founded Lost Art Press LLC, a publishing company devoted to one thing: reviving handwork. By 2011, Lost Art Press had grown so much that Chris stepped down as editor of Popular Woodworking (he’s now a contributing editor) to focus on his company full time.

He’s the author of several woodworking books, including “The Anarchist’s Tool Chest,” “Workbenches: From Design & Theory to Construction & Use,” “The Workbench Design Book,” “Handplane Essentials,” and “The Joiner and Cabinet Maker.” He also has produced six DVDs on handwork with Lie-Nielsen Toolworks. He lives in Fort Mitchell, Ky., with his wife and two daughters.

Visit Chris’s Website at Lost Art Press