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Presented by Garrett Hack

Over three millennia ago Egyptian craftsmen were decorating their work with inlays of small intricate patterns of ebony, ivory, and other exotic materials. We will learn the same technique, after first making some of the necessary tools — micro chisels and scratch stocks.

This class will cover delicate string or line inlays, larger surface inlays such as panels, making and inlaying patterned bandings, and using non-wood materials such as silver and shell. We will also focus on complementary decorative edges, side beads and proud cockbeads used to highlight the edge of a table apron or drawer.

We will work almost entirely by hand, so naturally sharpening, tuning , and using hand tools will be an important emphasis. Students will work on sample boards to practice designing and using these decorative techniques. You should bring along your own hand tools but please feel free to use the school’s tools.

Garrett Hack

Alastair Boell

$380 (Inclusive of GST)
All materials included

9:00am to 6:00pm
Friday 8th Nov

Melbourne Guild of Fine Woodworking.
79b Lexton rd. Box Hill North.

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About the Instructor

Garrett Hack is a Fine Woodworking contributor, teacher, and professional furniture maker in the USA. He is best known for his modern interpretations of Federal-style furniture. Hand tools are integral to Garrett’s work. He is the author of The ‘Handplane Book’ and ‘Classic Hand Tools’ (Taunton Press – 1997 & 1999).

Garrett Hack spends much of his time travelling the USA, Canada, England, Germany, Italy and Japan teaching at woodworking schools. He is looking forward immensely to working at the Melbourne Guild of Fine Woodworking here in Melbourne, Australia!

Hack is known to push design boundaries, and much of his latest work plays with asymmetrical forms and rich materials, such as gold, ivory, and burls. He is also a past chairman of the New Hampshire Furniture Masters Association, one of the leading professional furniture-making groups in the country. When Hack is not in the shop or on the road, he is on his farm in Vermont, tending to his family garden, orchard, Belgian workhorse (Jazz), three cows, and small flock of chickens.

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