Presented by Simeon Dux, Eddy Toffeletti and Rafael Beiber

Offered for the first time at the Melbourne Guild of Fine Woodworking, is a unique course combining picture framing with beautiful, unique and (when available) figured timbers with solid timber joinery. This comprehensive 11 week course will give you an opportunity to frame 3 to 4 pictures and/or artworks of your choice.

Some of the topics to covered will be:
• Timber selection and the proper use of the machinery and hand tools required to create your artisan frames
• Using proper joinery to glue up the mitres. For example, keyed mitre, spline, mortice & tenonned mitre and/or dominoes.
• Using string inlay as a decorative element
• Gold & silver leafing
• French Polishing and hand rubbed oiling techniques
• Cutting and installing matting, glass and backing boards to your artisan frames.

This comprehensive 11 week course with all its techniques and skills provides a unique and exclusive opportunity to create framed heirlooms that can be appreciated for generations to come!

Simeon Dux - Framing instructor (Week 1 to 9: 25th Jan to 22nd March )
Eddy Toffeletti - French Polishing/Finishing Instructor (Week 9: 22nd March)
Ronnie Sexton - Gold Leafing (Week 10: 29th March)
Rafael Beiber - Mounting Instructor (Week 11: 5th April)

Term 1 2017 - $850 (12 weeks including initial pre-lesson on Sat 21st Jan) (Inclusive of GST)
Materials: Mounting board, backing board included in price.
Timber and glass: Excluded in price and can be purchased at our premises

7:00pm to 10:00pm
Term 1 2017 - Pre-lesson: Saturday 21st January (Week 0)
then every Wednesday from 25th Jan to 22nd March)

Melbourne Guild of Fine Woodworking.
14 Cottage St, Blackburn

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