The Essentials of Traditional Cabinet Making

Presented by Alastair Boell

We have great pleasure in offering for the first time this 6 day Traditional Cabinet Making workshop.
Nothing incaptulates the essence of fine traditional woodworking more than these small hanging cabinets.

On offer is this beautifully proportioned Mahogany 2 door cabinet measuring approx. 790mm tall x 840mm wide x 330mm deep.
The main topics to be covered are:

• Hand cut half blind dovetails
• Making and fitting Mortice & Tenoned glazed doors
• Fine tuning a handplane and using a handplane effectively
• Creating up to 4 moldings including crown molding using Hollows & Rounds molding planes
• Installing a shelf using a Dado plane
• Proper use of hide glue
• Shiplap back using quarter sawn Western Red Cedar
• Fitting locks and hinges correctly and accurately
• French Polishing

Eddy Toffeletti, a professional French Polisher who is one of our instructors will be conducting the French Polishing component of the course on the last day.

This cabinet is not only a great opportunity to focus on the fundamentals of traditional furniture making, but once completed it will look beautiful in any environment.

Alastair Boell

$1450 (Inclusive of GST)
All materials included

Mon 11th to Sun 17th July 2016
From 9:30am to 5pm

7 days

Melbourne Guild of Fine Woodworking.
14 Cottage St,
Blackburn VIC 3130

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