The Roubo Workbench

Build a French 18th Century Workbench

Presented by Alastair Boell

The 18th-century French workbench is a design that has yet to be surpassed. It is simple, massive and will accommodate almost any modern vise – making it the perfect bench to build in a classroom environment.

No matter whether you prefer minimal workholding (a crochet and holdfasts) or want to trick out your bench with the latest premium gear, the French bench can take it.

During this one-week class, we’ll use heavy machinery and hand tools to build a French workbench with traditional joints and heavy timbers. You’ll be able to bring your own vise hardware and incorporate it into the construction process – or add it later when you get your bench home.

The base will be joined using massive mortise-and-tenon joints that are drawbored so they will last for centuries, even if the glue gives way. The top will be joined to the base using the classic French workbench joint – a through-tenon and sliding dovetail. The result is a bench that is both stout and beautiful.

Alastair Boell will guide you through the sometimes-tricky process of joining massive parts.

Note that this class requires heavy lifting throughout the week from all the participants. The days are exceptionally long – usually 10 hours – but the results are more than worth it!

The bench tops will be 100mm thick laminated Yellow Pine and the bases will be made from New Guinea Rosewood – a beautiful combination of timbers!

This is a ‘once in a lifetime’ opportunity to produce a not any workbench but - The Robou Workbench!

Alastair Boell

Stuart Morrison

$4800 (Inclusive of GST)
All materials included

DEPOSITS - An $800 non refundable deposit will be required when registering for this Master Class.

9:00am to 5:00pm
Sat 18th to 24th January 2020

7 days

Melbourne Guild of Fine Woodworking.
14 Cottage St,
Blackburn VIC 3130

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