Tea Cabinet Course

Presented by Matt Kenney

This Tea Cabinet is one of the highlights of Matt Kenney’s ‘52 Boxes in 52 Weeks’ project. During this 8 day course, you will make your own Tea Cabinet with timbers specially prepared by the MGFW team.

It is a great exercise in traditional joinery, as you will learn how to cut dovetails,
dadoes, rabbets, grooves, and bridle joints to make the case, drawers & door.
The tea cabinet is also a great way to learn the importance of paying attention to the details, from grain selection to joinery layout to the importance of designing pulls that compliment the overall piece.

You will also learn a little about Kumiko by making the lattice work featured in the door (which is backed by a fabric covered panel), and how to make the thread-wrapped pulls.

Finally, the drawer interiors are fitted out to hold tea packets and loose tea. Matt Kenney will show you how to make the thin, delicate liners that keep your tea (or whatever you choose to keep in the drawers) orderly.

This will be Matt Kenney’s second time teaching at ‘The Guild’ and after the great success of his previous course in 2019, I know this ‘Tea Cabinet’ course will be one of the great highlights of 2020! Matt’s attention to detail is second to none and in his last trip, Matt managed to inspire many students which, in my opinion there can be no higher compliment to a teacher than just that!

Alastair Boell - Director: Melbourne Guild of Fine Woodworking

For further information, please refer to his webpage: https://www.mekwoodworks.com/blog/box-48

Matt Kenney

$2400 (2020) (Inclusive of GST)
All materials included

Sat 31st Oct to Sun 8th November 2020
(Wed 4th Oct - day of rest)

8 days

Melbourne Guild of Fine Woodworking.
14 Cottage St, Blackburn

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About the Instructor: Matt Kenney

Matt Kenney is a professional box and furniture maker living in Northwest Connecticut. Not too long ago, he spent a year designing and making 52 unique boxes. He undertook the project as a means to improve his design skills, but found that the woodworking community at large was interested in what he was doing, and they followed along intently as he wrote about the boxes each week on his website (mekwoodworks.com). After he completed the project, he wrote a book about his experience: 52 Boxes in 52 Weeks (Taunton Press). Matt teaches woodworking around the world, writes about the craft, and hosts The Matt and Joe Woodworking Fun Hour podcast. In his spare time, he draws robot illustrations. You can follow what he’s up to in the shop and at the drawing table on Instagram (@mekwoodworks, @thebookofrobots).

For more information on Matt Kenney - https://www.wooddustaustralia.com/blog/matt-kenney/