Windsor - Comb Back Side Chair

Presented by Jon Grant

The Comb Back Arm Chair is the Grandfather of Windsor Chairs and represents one of the earliest forms of Windsor Chairs in America. It is one of the most formal of Windsors and has a grand presence in any room.

This 7 day Intensive Course, which has a smaller limit of 6 students than our normal classes, will require a minimum of a moderate level of experience. It is highly recommended that you have completed one of our other Windsor chairs previously offered before attempting the Comb Back Arm Chair.

On a personal note, I made my own Comb Back Windsor Chair under the tuition of Curtis Buchanan in the US and found it to be the most satisfying chair to make thus far! Some elements on this chair you would not have had the opportunity to make, include carved knuckles at the end of the arms, carving the volutes at the end of the crest rail and perhaps the braces at the back of the chair that support the crest rail.

During the 7 day course, you will learn how to steam bend the crest rail and arm rest, carve and fit your spindles, carve your seat and fit your legs and stretcher system perfectly with all its complex angles and joinery. You will also learn to use proficiently all the unique tools associated with making this grand chair. Don’t forget the extra elements I have mentioned above in the previous paragraph, eg: carvings and braces.

Time permitting, you will also learn to finish the chair in natural oil or traditional Milk Paint imported from the US.

The course will be taught by Jon Grant who will have just come back from making his own Windsor Comb Back Chair under the instruction of Greg Pennington who owns and runs Pennington Windsor Chairs in Tennessee. Jon will also assisted occasionally by myself during this course.

The Melbourne Guild of Fine Woodworking has been proudly teaching Windsor Chairs for 10 years now! The Comb Back Windsor Arm Chair is our most ambitious chair yet! We are very excited to add this to our repertoire and hope to see you at this very unique course!

Alastair Boell
Founder & Director - Melbourne Guild of Fine Woodworking

Jon Grant

$1650 (Inclusive of GST)
All materials included

Sat 18th to Fri 24th January 2019
From 8:30am to 5pm
7 days

Melbourne Guild of Fine Woodworking.
14 Cottage St,
Blackburn VIC 3130

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Jon has a strong commitment to creativity, craftsmanship and the fulfilment that these processes bring to those who engage in them. Having been a teacher in trade training for over 20 years he has a strong background in teaching and learning, and has experienced firsthand what a great platform for learning craftsmanship can be.
Jon’s work reflects the simple principles of Shaker philosophy, design and integrity and he works as much as possible using only hand tools. He is an experienced woodturner and 40 years on he still turns on the lathe he built as a young man in high school.
His love of Windsor Chair Making has recently led him to spend time in the United States working with some of the masters of the craft and developing his skills in order to share this with woodworkers here in Australia.
Making Windsor Chairs aligns with all of Jon’s philosophies around craftsmanship in that each piece is unique and handcrafted, the tools you use are particular to the craft and often handmade themselves, and you gain a deep connection with the unique characteristics of the timbers you work with.
Jon values the privilege of living in Tasmania and having beautiful and unique timbers to work with and is currently working on exploring which Tasmanian timbers lend themselves to making Windsor Chairs.