Beginner’s Course – Create a Windsor Inspired Foot Stool

Presented by Lee Gratton

Tailored towards beginners, this Windsor Inspired Footstool offers a satisfying taste of chair making with the convenience of it being scheduled every Wednesday evening for a single term (10 week course).

This project offers a great insight into some aspects of Windsor Chair Making and to a great extent chair making in general. For example, all the joinery associated with this project is directly related to all the joinery beneath the seat of a Windsor Chair.

From the collection of beautiful salvaged timber from the Melbourne Guild of Fine Woodworking, you will be asked to choose a seat blank. From here, we will be covering several topics. For example, you will be shown how to hand plane your seat; you’ll be taught how to drill your mortices for the legs into your seat and you’ll be shown how to use the ‘Shaper’ safely to obtain a rounded detail on the edge of your seat.

Once the seat blank has been completed, you will be introduced to turning legs and spindles on the lathe (including turning a 6 degree tenon).
After the turning has been completed, you will move onto the joinery of the legs and stretchers, which relates directly to Windsor Chair Making.
Time permitting, you will be taught how to apply Rustin’s Danish oil and wax to your Footstool, ideally with 2 – 3 coats of oil, followed by a coat of wax.

Lee Gratton

$860 (2019) (Inclusive of GST)
All materials included

TERM 2 - 10th April to 12th June 2019
Every Wednesday evening
7:00pm to 10:00pm

Melbourne Guild of Fine Woodworking.
14 Cottage St, Blackburn

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