Machine Room

The machine room is one of the highlights of the workshop. Extremely well equipped, it boasts some impressive machines that enable us to undertake just about any project. Most importantly, there is dust extraction to every machine. All the dirty air is pumped outside and only clean air is pumped back in. There is more storage on the mezzanine for student timber. There is also another work bench with a vise. There has just recently been added a down draft table for hand sanding.


Each of the 3 classrooms have four very large workbenches. Each class has a maximum of 8 students unless otherwise stated. There is a well-equipped modern air conditioned kitchen with tea and coffee facilities. There are clean male and female toilets. All 3 classrooms are air conditioned. There are tools provided and plenty of storage space for your work and/or timber. There is also a well-stocked resource library full of books sourced from all over the world. We also have a well stocked timber rack full of salvaged timbers that the students are welcome to purchase.

600mm Radial arm saw.
200mm Powermatic planer.
600mm Oliver pattern makers planer. Built in 1922. Restored.
630mm SCM thicknesser(newer)
630mm SCM thicknesser (older)
36” Tannerwitz band saw. Restored.
14” Powermatic band saw.
10” Sawstop table saw.
12” SCM 3 metre panel saw.
3’ long pattern-maker’s lathe.
2 x 3’ long ‘Tough’ lathes
12’ long pattern-maker’s lathe.
Felder spindle moulder.
Parken drill press.
Walden radial arm drill press.
Powermatic mortiser.
600mm wide belt sander.
Three grinders.
Metabo drop saw.
Dust extraction to every machine.
Compressed air centrally located.