Hand Tools

Australian Hand Tool Suppliers

Resource Comment
Vesper Tools Australian business with a passion for making the highest quality, and best value woodworking hand tools in the world.
Tetsu Japanese Hand Tools - mostly second hand
Japanese Tools Australia Japanese Tools stocks more than 500 unique products for professional and hobbyists woodworkers
BJS Planes & Woodworking Australia’s best and brightest custom infill plane maker- Melbourne, Victoria
HNT Gordon and Co Produces a range of hand crafted wooden woodworking planes.
Lie-Nielson Toolworks Australia Local supplier of US made hand tools. Over 50 types of planes, saws, spokeshaves, chisels, floats and more.
Hand Tool Preservation Association of Australia The Hand Tool Preservation Association of Australia is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to antique tools
Tool Exchange Antique, Secondhand, New & Used Tools.

International Hand tool Suppliers

Resource Comment
Bridge City Toolworks USA
Crown Plane Company USA
Dave’s Shaves Wooden Spokeshaves USA
Barr Specialty Tools Specialising in chair making tools
Black Bear Forge Blacksmith made tools.USA
Elmer Roush Blacksmith made tools.USA
Forge de Saint Juery French handmade files
Liogier French handmade files
Garrett Wade
Glen-Drake Toolworks USA
Old Street Tool, Inc. Hand made wooden hand planes
Veritas Tools Veritas woodworking tools - Canada
Shaker Oval Box Supplier of anything to do with Shaker Boxes
The St. James Bay Tool Co. Manufacture of planes, squares, spoke shaves and violin maker’s planes.
Sauer & Steiner Toolworks Hand plane makers
Woodjoy Tools USA
Bad Axe Toolworks Hand saw makers - USA
Peter Ross Blacksmith Historic hardware & tool maker - USA
The Beall Tool Company Specialising in timber threads & other items - USA
The Guild of Metalsmiths Not for profit organisation. A great resource for blacksmiths - USA
MS Bickford Wooden Hand Plane Makers
Reid Schwartz Spoon Carving Tool Maker
Lone Pine Toolworks Tool restorer, especially hand drills