Specialty Timber and Veneers

Australian Specialty Timber Suppliers

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AFT Timbers
Mathews Timber
The Woodage Provides timbers that come from environmentally friendly sources and from FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified forests, plantations and salvaged logs.
Trend Timbers
Timber Decking Supply Shed

International Specialty Timber Suppliers

Resource Comment
Berkshire Products Inc. Specialising in hard to find kiln dried wide, thick and figured woods.
Buzzsaw International Hardwoods Maple plus.
MapleLeaf Hardwoods Figured maple and cherry.
Good Hope Hardwoods Speciality Hardwoods.
Hardwood Lumber Agent Ebony and holly.
Hearne Hardwoods
Irion Lumber Company
California Walnut Designs Walnut specialist.

Australian Veneer Suppliers

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George Fethers & Co
Rivergum Timbers

International Veneer Suppliers

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Berkshire Veneer Company
Veneer Supplies